I’m a dirty DINOSAUR

This wonderfully illustrated, catchy book is about celebrating the fun of being silly, getting dirty and moving those feet. After reading it once to Liam, he was already repeating the words in a singsongy fashion. It’s hard not to!

This book would be great to encourage gross motor movement by getting kids to act out the movements of the dinosaur with all the sniffs, shakes, drums, taps, stamps and stomps.

This book can also tie in with fine motor and sensory play. Print out coloring pages or draw your own and add real dirt, mud or chocolate pudding so your little one can dirty up the dinosaur.

If you can’t get enough of this fun dinosaur, check out The Hungry Dinosaur¬†

Janeen Brian & Ann James

Kane Miller (Usborne)

Ages 2-5

22 pages

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