About Me & More Stories Blog

I am a Mom who wants to instill the love for reading in her two children. When I was a little girl, my parents read to me over and over, creating my famous bedtime battle tagline of “More ‘Tories!” It wasn’t just to delay sleeping, I truly love to read. My three year old son has now created his battle cry of  own. He begs for “One more story!” while holding up his tiny index finger. I think I’m off to a good start.

Hours and hours can slip by while I’m searching online for our next children’s book to read. I just love finding the perfect book for the occasion. Since I’m always in search of the next great book, I wanted to share our thoughts on one of our favorite past times. Plus, when I buy gifts, I tend to buy books and I’m always looking for resources to help me find the best one. I hope you find my blog helpful when in search for your next gift. I’ve tagged my posts by season, holiday etc so that you can find titles easier in the search field.

I hope I bring out the inner bookworm in you!

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