The Very Best Pumpkin

The Very Best Pumpkin Cover

This was a quick pick from the library without any prior knowledge of this book or author. What a great choice it was! At first, when my son kept requesting this one at nap and bedtime I thought it was because it’s a little longer story than usual (delaying bedtime, of course). After reading it repeatedly I realized it wasn’t a stalling tactic, but instead he truly loves reading this cute book about pumpkins, seasons & friendship.

It’s a sweet book about a boy who lives with his grandparents on their pumpkin farm. We watch as Peter gives extra special care to one pumpkin that is growing away from the rest. After lots of TLC, the very best pumpkin leads him to a long lasting friendship. Liam loves the butterflies, ladybugs, apples and bumblebees who are on each page.

It also inspired us to make pumpkin muffins since every time we see the page with all of the pumpkins & mice Liam asks “Mommy, do we EAT pumpkins?”

Mark Kimball Moulton

Illustrations by Karen Hillard Good

Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books

32 pages

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