Big Red Barn

Big Red Barn

From the author who brought you The Runaway Bunny and the bedtime classic, Goodnight Moon, here is one of our favorites. While it is good to read all year long, it is especially fun during the fall months when we take many trips to local area farms.

It is also good to read anytime of day, but I prefer to read it near bedtime as we follow the animals from the start of their day and finish with them fast asleep. It is also a great book that can be read easily in a soft, hushed voice.

I love the author’s use of a few words a toddler doesn’t hear quite often, such as the bantam rooster and hen, the big cow lowed, and the donkey gave one last bray. My son likes when he hears new words he gets to learn the meaning of. This is also the book that taught my son the word reflection as there is a pretty picture of the moon reflected in the water. There are also some nice sunset pictures. My son’s other favorites are the teeny tiny pictures of the sun rising, mice, little pink pig and bats. They are so small and fun to find.

Margaret Wise Brown
Pictures by Felicia Bond

Ages 1 and up

32 pages

Click here to buy

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